Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adventures at Cranbrook

Busy fun day today. Penny was WIDE awake at like 6:15. I tried to feed her back to sleep, but to no avail...so, I dragged myself out of bed. I had thought about going to Cranbrook Science Museum this week...so why not today?! We got packed up and headed to Cromaine Library...they are participating in a a cool program called Detroit Adventure Pass. Basically, you 'check out' free admission to a bunch of different museums. We got our pass and hit the road. It was a pretty cool museum, although many of the concepts are a bit much for a 4 year old; however, the dinosaurs, rocks, and water pool were a hit. They had a bigger dinosaur exhibit going on, and a special place for kids to 'dig' for bones and play. Walking around in airconditioning trying to remember science concepts from high school and explaining them in 4 year old terms was a great way to spend a muggy overcast day. Drove down Woodward looking for lunch...uhhh, I'm not a fan of that area! It's crazy! And so fancy! And really hard to look for places to eat and drive with 4 lanes of traffic (and increasingly irritated kids in the back) and no way of turning around once you see something without making a bunch of turns. So, we headed back north and found Piepers Pies. How fun! They were tasty; we tried a beef one and Jane got some chili, which she's been wanting. Tried the playground in Birmingham, which was super cool; astroturf hills with cardboard for sliding down and rock chairs (Jane said King and Queen, of course). I didn't have sunscreen in the car for some reason, and it was really sunny and hot, so we didn't stay long. Naptime on the way home for Penny. And all is now quiet.

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