Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go play

Holy poo, is July over already? I mean, I 'know' the date and all, but seriously, this month has flown by!

Had to get out of the house today, so left way early for my haircut. Jane has all this twitchy energy and was vibrating and driving me insane....and then I get all snappy and wow, we need to get out of here already.

Got some new books at the library and had some napping and quiet time in the car and then played for awhile. Jane is so sweet...she buddies up to this cute 2.5 yr old little boy and runs all over with him. Lots of 'be carefuls' and 'there's your mommy', she's such a little momma. Then, these bigger boys show up and start kind of playing keep away from Jane and this little boy. So she's trying to 'protect' him and then at one point she says to one of the boys--can't you just play nice? Seriously, such a girl and so cute and I love how she kind of stands up for those smaller than her. It's a great trait. Penny entertained herself playing with wood chips...I only had to fish about 2 out of her mouth. Mike intended to meet me at the salon and take the girls home, but he got caught up in traffic and I was almost done by the time he was there. The girls did awesome, Jane hanging out by me, and Penny sat nicely on my lap while I was shampooed...and then while she cut my hair. She was pulling at her own hair and looking in the mirror. Cute stuff. She got a little antsy, but then he got there and all was good. Jane made a little friend, so he ended up staying, 'cause it's just not worth pulling her away at that point!

Crazy packing day tomorrow, we're off for the Laber Lake Huron Cottage weekend. Mike's taking Monday off, so 3 solid days of just family fun and crazyness. Just gotta get everything we need put together.

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