Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, I hear that sometimes kids 'forget their words'. Absolute best tonight. Laying in bed with Jane (I get some good ones at bedtime!) tonight and she asks, "Mommy, can I have some diarrhea?" "Umm, whata what now?" "Some diarreha, pleaaase" "Ummm, what? You know that diarrhea is the watery poop that comes out of your butt, right?" "Some diarreah for my lip" "Oh, you want some vasoline?" Big smile, "YEAH, some vasoline". (She had a cold a week or two ago and we put some vasoline under her nose a couple of times since it was so red from the kleenex). Whew.

Other than that, nice rainy day. Gram D & Dave came for lunch and hung out with the girls for a little while, and Mike and I got the upstairs cleaned a bit. So, next time he gets time (haha), at least Mike won't have to clean first. He also cut down a tree or something out in the woods...I hear chainsaws and tow straps and the second chainsaw comes out b/c the first one got stuck...and I go 'lallalalaa, i don't want to know--be careful!'

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