Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Faire!

Dad is up to work on the roof, so the girls and I have to clear out, or the guys will never get anything done. Penny has officially reached Daddy's girl status as well as Jane. Penny toddles towards him with hands up and screaming daddaaaada, etc. Very cute stuff. Not conducive to actually accomplishing remodeling.

The girls and I headed off to Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton. I'd seen their signs before, and I'd marked down that they were having a Summer Faire this weekend. Was the perfect place for us to spend a few hours away from home.

It is seriously beautiful there. They had some crafters with booths, but it was a little insane and tight quarters, and pricey as well. Kind of difficult to look at too much with a 4 year old and a baby in a backpack. Not sure if I was more worried about Jane breaking something, or me breaking something (or someone) by whipping around with the backpack!

Jane really enjoyed the flower displays and little gardens. There are benches, little nooks, and water features all over the place. They are also kind of big on fairies there; they have multiple little fairy gardens. Once she got going, Jane got pretty good at spying more of them hidden in little houses or by rocks.

We had a fantabulous lunch: chicken salad crossaint with some kind of apple slaw, minted fruit salad, and some.....PEACH SOUP! With blueberries. Jane said-uck, peach soup? And then she proceeded to eat the entire cup besides a couple of bites for me and Penny. Too funny, and really good.

Rave reviews on the outfits from Grandma. Jane was twirling and whirling about; she's not going to want to be a Princess forever, right? So, I'm going with it; it's pretty cute most of the time!

Got pretty warm, especially in the sun by the time we left. Jane found a crafting table on our way out, so made a couple of pencils and a bracelet, and then we hiked way back out to our car in a field. Penny was out pretty quickly, but Jane fell asleep about 2 minutes from the house. I used that as an excuse to wash my truck and get some shakes for us and the guys (who were pretty toasted from being on the roof).

New adventures await tomorrow!

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