Thursday, August 26, 2010


What a beautiful day. Although, it was downright chilly in the kitchen this morning. Don't know if I'm really that excited for fall yet! Jane had her last gymnastics class today; she wants to sign up for more, so we'll see what we do next month. She's talked about ballet as well. Jane wanted Penny to wear this pink dress today. Isn't she the cutest? This was actually MY dress! And it's kind of funny, because I had Jane wearing it as well, but she was only a couple of months old...but it fits Penny pretty well right now.

Mike got some of the metal roofing into the garage, so might be able to have a cleaner driveway now.

Gram D surprised Jane by picking her up and taking her out to dinner. She was pretty excited to have a special night.

Had some 'family night' time, which is what Jane calls it when we all come into her room for books. Little hard to settle down, though, but she finally went to sleep.

Looking forward to a nice weekend; weather looks great. Dad is coming to help with roofing stuff, and I've got a few things planned to do with the girls. We've got to get out of here if they're going to get anything done!

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