Saturday, August 7, 2010

Runin' around.

I headed upstairs to try to get Penny to sleep last night around 8...somehow I didn't make it back down to chat with Mom. I wandered down around 11 and she had given up on me! Came down for breakfast the next morning and had some yummy bran muffins and fruit, and then I took off for the gym. Mom and the girls went and picked up Gram Nomi. I like to go to Hobby Lobby whenever I'm in town with a little bit of extra time. We don't have one close by, and it's fun to poke around in there. We got some lunch at a kind of fun asian bowl place, and went to Hobby Lobby. Jane had a meltdown b/c I wouldn't buy a 'diamond'. Whew, this has been a rough month with meltdowns and tantrums. We managed to purchase a few things, but I ended up carrying her out of the store in tears (course I was ALSO carrying Penelope in the backpack.) Yeah. I'm a beast. I can carry 50+ pounds of children all draped around my body. Thought I might pass out by the time I got to the car, but we made it. Then I got in the OTHER car and sent the girls with Mom and Grandma in my car. Hung out at Gram's house where Mom started a little crocheted purse for Jane. Penny became a yarn monster--ahhh, look out! Awesome heart-attack dinner at Red's hotdog stand in pawpaw, followed by icecream. (Jane would like to relive this dinner/dessert over and over again. I keep hearing about how we should go back there....or how she's sad b/c Mommy won't let her eat hotdogs everyday, etc). Cute sisters; kind of fun that Penny's walking; we get to all hold hands now for a few steps.

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Scapbook material for gma Deb, you know.