Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Huron: Day 3

Started off our last day in P.H. with a mostly failed photo shoot by the bridge. It's hard to find timing that works for all 4 girls... We headed back to the cottage, and Uncle Brian took the big girls on a wagon ride (Arlyn headed home to nap), and Mike and I took Penny for a walk in the backpack. It was super nice to have a few moments mostly to ourselves to talk. It seems like we really don't get to do that at all right now; by the time he's home, it's bedtime!

Penny took a nap on me this afternoon...while I was walking in Lake Huron. Too funny. We had a nice afternoon with some sun (it was hot) and little swimming. Trip home wasn't too bad, considering both girls didn't sleep at all.

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