Friday, October 8, 2010

17 months!

Almost a year and half???
My baby is much less of a baby everyday... Wonderful Indian Summer day, we headed out late afternoon to give Daddy some space when he got home. Ended up at the outlet mall since the kids store I was aiming for was closed. :( After a rather frantic (on Jane's part) search for one more quarter in the car, the girls got a carousel ride for being such good shoppers. And Mommy got her 17 month shot! I can't believe how nice and warm it was, even by 6 pm.

Jane is coming out of her cold, but it finally hit Mike. Hopefully he's feeling better by tomorrow, lots to get done around here. No rest for the parents.

Girls and I will try to find something to do; probably outdoors. It's going to be chilly and snowing before we know it.

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