Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Goo!

Today was supposed to be warmer..I guess by the time we
were done, the sun was out and it was nicer, but...we ended
up carving in the house this year. Just seemed a bit too cold to be digging in pumpkin seeds.

Penny had a blast with pulling off the tops, and spooning seeds---back INTO the pumpkins. Heehee. Jane helped clean out Mike's pumpkin as well--had to go up to her shoulders to get in there! She said she wants a BIG one next year.

Jane drew a fantastic face on hers...complete with ears, legs, arms, earrings, boo boos, a nose, eyes, eyelashes, and who knows what else. OH--and a crown, of course! I managed to cut some eyes, nose and mouth of out it. Yeah, I need some fancy pumpkin carving tools to attempt that, not a big knife. You can kind of see all the marker lines on it to see what I had to work with!

Mine is the round happy one with teeth. Penny's is the weird bumpy grumpy one (although, I keep saying that should be Jane-who seems grumpy a LOT lately!), Jane's is the one next to it with the jagged teeth, and Mike's is the remaining one with the goofy grin. So fun. Our pumpkin family! I love pumpkins. I love this time of year. I love sharing it with the girls. It's messy, and there was a lot of 'sit down, Mommy has a BIG knife' commentary, but it was fun. And super fun to light them tonight, both girls thought that was pretty fun in the dark!

Ron came up to take us to dinner for Mike's birthday. Crazy chaos at dinner as usual, but yummy Lucky's steakhouse. Looking forward to tomorrow's fun!

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