Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

The pumpkin is fast asleep...and hoping the princess is as well!!

We had a great day, starting with French Laundry for Mike's birthday breakfast, mmmm.

Girls were super cute tonight. Penny's pumpkin costume rocked. Perfect pumpkin; we got lots of comments. Jane was super sweet Cinderella, and was oh so pretty!

Penny got the hang of trick-o-treating pretty quickly, she was starting to grab for stuff from the bowls by the end of the night. We were out for about an hour, and Jane discovered that it's hard work being a princess...wearing fancy new shoes and lugging a HEAVY pumpkin around! Mike kept unloading Penny's into his jacket so she could still carry it.

Our pumpkins greeted us at the end of the drive when we got home, kind of fun, might be a new tradition!

Candy everywhere in the living room afterward. Let Jane have a bit of a free-for-all tonight...then she lay down and stuck her belly out, uh, utoh! Hoping it's more the breadsticks from dinner and not the candy! :)

Happy Halloween!!!

55 days to Christmas!!!

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