Friday, October 22, 2010

Roofin' and walkin'

Off to K'zoo. Mike is helping Dad get a new roof on his barn. Figure with two of them, it's a simple thing to get done in a little over a day. They got most of it knocked out today, which was good because it was beautiful weather wise!

The girls (me, mom, Jane, & Penny) headed over to G&G Carlson's new condo. We ended up getting some middle eastern food (fatosh and hummus) and taking it to them, mmmm!

They live right off the kal-haven trail, which is super awesome. We came prepared to take a little walk, and G&G came along, which was great. Grandpa has long legs and was giving us all a run for our money. He told me it's much easier to walk fast than slow. Hmmm. It was super pretty with the fall colors along the trail.

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